WordPress Theme Development Tutorial Step By Step | Part -1

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial Step By Step | Part -1

Welcome to tutorial heaven In this tutorial I would like to show you wordpress theme development tutorial step by step.

Today is the first day of wordpress theme development tutorial. So today I would like to discuss very basic starting
Part of WP Theme development. Such as-

► local server ( xampp) install
There are many local server in google but I would like to use xampp local server. So lets check how to install
Xampp on your PC.
We have already install xampp in our PC. if you want to learn more check our video..here we discuss briefly about xampp.
Xampp Installation Done.!

►WordPress Install in xampp
At first download wordpress latest version from wordpress.org

Install it to your preferred drive- c/d/e or what ever. I prefer E

Then xampp ►htdocs ► create a folder named according your theme and paste into it wp core files.

Mysite name is jakrobin. You can set it as your choise.

Now we are going to create a database from phpmyadmin

Installed successfully wordpress in xampp

►Theme Active

Now the Main part is theme creation and active.
Finish our first part.

So Let’s go……

In next tutorial We will show you or help you to learn 2nd step.

► Dynamic Style Sheet
► Dynamic JS

Thank You For watch this video.

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