How To Easily Install 6 ‘Must Have’ WordPress Plugins | V8

Install WordPress plugins for increased website speed and security, social sharing ability, spam protection, and search engine optimization.

In this WordPress plugin installation tutorial, watch over my shoulder as we install the following plugins step by step:

►Akismet (spam protection)
►WP-Supercache – (ensure quick site speed)
►BackUp WordPress (keep your data safe)
►Yoast SEO (get and keep your site in the Search Engine Results)
►Broken Link Checker (help with SEO and save you effort, manually checking links)
►DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager (make script installs easier for you)
►And then we’ll briefly discuss social sharing icons to make it easier for visitors to share you site content

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(Jump to specific parts of this video):
2:35 What a plugin is
3:33 Steps to install a plugin
4:04 Plugin #1: Akismet
4:23 Get Akismet API Key
9:00 Plugin #1: WP SuperCache
9:34 Criteria I use to evaluate plugins
11:54 Enable caching with WP SuperCache
13:40 Different options to back up your WordPress site
16:58 Plugin #3: BackUpWordPress
20:19 How to manually download your backed up data to an external device from cPanel
24:32 How to download your backed up data directly from BackUpWordPress plugin
25:56 Summary of different backup option covered
27:29 Plugin #4: Yoast SEO
31:20 Plugin #5 Broken Link Checker
34:56 Plugin #6 DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress
37:23 Bonus Plugin: Social Sharing
38:06 Video Summary


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