How To Create a WordPress Child Theme Tutorial for Your Website – WP Development

In this video, I show you how to create a WordPress Child Theme Tutorial without a Plugin. This is the process of coding a Child Theme for your WordPress Website Using development best practices for WP.

Why Use a Child Theme?
If you find the near perfect WordPress Theme that gets you close to what you’re looking for but there are just a few things that you want to modify like The CSS or functionality, this will be the best way to accomplish this.

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If you edit the main theme and the WordPress Developer updates the theme, then your code modifications will be lost.

By creating a Child Theme, your code is safe. You get the benefit of the Parent Theme with your added features.

There are WordPress Plugins that can help you create a child theme but sometimes it’s best to use custom code. This will give you more control over how your code is implemented and will be one less WordPress Plugin to maintain.

In this video, I demonstrate the process by using the default twenty seventeen theme as the Parent Theme and create a child theme called Twenty Seventeen Child.

Check out the video and see how easy it is to create your very own custom child theme for your WordPress Website.

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